a man practicing contemporary dance inside the studio

Dance creative processes during Covid-19 Pandemic

Academia Letters | Paris, France.

Since the health restrictions undertaken by governments around the world, the dynamics of social coexistence have been dramatically affected, as people’s physical presence implied a vital interaction for many social and professional activities. This context has forced everyone to recreate their ways of living, working and even being physically and mentally healthy. 


Many activities can be adapted to technology and allow working from home and even some can be adjusted to do it in person, taking care of all the necessary measures to reduce the risks of COVID-19 contagion, however, others showed many difficulties to continue with their professional routines. Dance was one of these activities as its main working tool is the body, and in the pandemic context, it tried to be adapted in different ways (such as digital media or isolated spaces). That situation brought up different questions related to the implications of how dance appears and how it changes when it interacts with different media. 


a man practicing contemporary dance inside the studio

In this sense, “Creative dance processes during the COVID-19 pandemic” is a research series that documents and analyses, through different approaches, how the dance community experienced this period in different cities and contexts. Aware that any particular community in the world experienced this phenomenon in different ways (framed by its particular social, cultural and economic conditions), each document delimits the cases according to the possibilities that were feasible to reach during the context of the pandemic and the fieldwork, which were diverse and unpredictably intermittent. 


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